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Louisa Distraction


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   Louisa Distraction is a newly formed colorguard. We formed last year and competed in scholastic novice. This year, we are back again. We are competing as an independent guard in the regional A class. We have competed in three competitions in the Atlantic Indoor Association circuit.

Our first competition was on February 5th in Alexandria, Virginia at Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology. We competed against two other guards and placed third. Our score was 50.3, which was only 4 points away from the second place guard. We received a plaque for this.

  Our second competition was on March 19th in Springfield, Virginia at Edison High School. We only competed against one other guard and placed second. We improved ten points to 60.3. We received a $25 check from the school.

  Our third competition was championships. It was on April 2nd at Powhatan High School. We were the only guard competing so we placed first. We improved our score again to a 66.5. We used the $25 check from the previous competition to buy flowers for all of the members. All of our members received championship pins for participating and individual first place metals. Also, the guard received a first place glass trophy. We will probably place it in one of the trophy cases at the school.

We have come a long way this year and are proud of everything we have done. We hope to come back with an even better year next year with more support from our school.


***colorguard images from Colorguard Floors